Nine-Tailed Vixen

Eidolon Stats
1 Star Stats
Cplus Cplus A B B B

Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
B Cplus Aplus B Bplus Bplus

Kotonoha 3star
Eidolon Stats
3 Star Stats

Base: 25 Max: 99
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Sprinter I Move SPD +5%
2-starbuff Nimbleness I EVA +5%
3-starbuff Nimbleness II EVA +10%
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As a nine-tailed fox spirit, Kotonoha wields powerful and esoteric spells with ease, chanting secret mantras to defend her partner, or applying magical wards that greatly enhance combat prowess. Her keen eyes can pierce illusions to see the reality beneath.


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2 Star
3 Star


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Slash of Numbing Attack Light Kotonoha somersaults backward, spinning out a powerful magic wave that deals Holy damage and decreases the damage enemy deals.
Miracle Drug Heal Kotonoha releases a wave of vital elements, healing party members and increasing her own speed.
Demonic Enchantment Buff Kotonoha gathers fell power and brands it as an enchantment on her allies, enabling them to absorb a portion of damage dealt as health.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Holy Blackness Attack Light Kotonoha calls upon a mystical energy to banish evil, dealing Holy damage to enemies within range and recovering your own health with the power of foxfire.
Streaming Light Attack Light Kotonoha channels her spiritual powers through you, unleashing powerful combo strikes that deal Holy damage to enemies within range and increase your Move SPD.
Enlightening Death Attack Light Kotonoha gathers her magical energy and mingles it with your power to attack enemies with spells that causes holy damage and her fox spirit enables you to recover health over time.
  • Holy Blackness - Sword and Shield, Cannon, Staff, Katar
  • Streaming Light - Dual Blades, Harp
  • Enlightening Death - Dual Axes, Dual Pistols, Magic Book, Bow

Eidolon's WishEdit

Kotonoha's Fan Club IEdit

  • Item required: Bread Pudding x2
  • Skills Bonus: DMG +36, SPEED +12, DEF +6
"A fan club for me? Hee hee!"
"Maybe we should distribute gifts to thank everyone?"
"It's true! I like Master most of all."

Kotonoha's Fan Club IIEdit

  • Item required: Mirabelle Quest Fortune Bag Reward
  • Skills Bonus: CRIT +14, HP +44, EVA +16
"Ha! Is Master concerned about my fan club? Don't worry - you're the only one with a place in my heart."
"What about this... if you're willing to help me find something, Master would be handsomely rewarded."
"Heehee! I'll disband the fan club, just to prove that you mean the most to me."

Kotonoha's Little SecretEdit

"Master, I have a teeny little request..."
"My collection is missing something, and I'd like to ask for your help."
"Heehee! This collection is my little secret. Please, don't tell anyone!"

Kotonoha's Silky Skin IEdit

"The weather's been so arid lately... could Master do me a small favor?"
"This is the formula for my skincare cream. Perhaps you could help me gather the ingredients?"
"Heehee! Master is welcome to touch my skin."

Kotonoha's Silky Skin IIEdit

"Exercise is key if you want smooth, supple skin."
"If I could get these treasures, I might consider exercising with you..."
"Heehee! You're so amazing, Master. I bet everyone loves you!"

You Can't Handle the True FormEdit

"You'd like to see my true form? Well, of course..."
"But only if Master gives me what I want!"
"Heehee! Master is so nice. What's that, my true form? But Master, didn't you know that I'm always in my true form?"


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Kotonoha 3star
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Kotonoha is based on Tamamo-no-Mae, a legendary figure in Japanese mythology.


  • Kotonoha's birthday is April 11th.[1]
  • Kotonoha's profile in Fantasy Frontier R states that:
    • she is 16 years old.
    • she is 165 cm tall.
    • she weights 42 kg.
    • she is size 83-54-81 in bust size.[2]
  • Kotonoha's voice actress in the Chinese version of Fantasy Frontier is Satsuki Yukino, most notable for voicing Shimura Tae from Gintama.
    • Kotonoha and Tsubaki share the same voice actress.
  • Kotonoha's voice actress in Fantasy Frontier R is Yui Horie. She also sings the main theme in the Taiwanese version.[2]
  • Kotonoha is a playable character in Grace Valhalla.

Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese) 玉藻前 (Tamamo no Mae)
Innocent World (Japanese) 玉藻御前 (Tamamo no Mae)
Aura Kingdom (Korean) 구미호 (Fox Spirit)
Aura Kingdom (French) Kitsune
Aura Kingdom (German) Tamamo
Aura Kingdom (Spanish) Kitsune
Aura Kingdom (Portuguese) Youkai


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