A list of fish found in the current version. Fish are also known to be treasure chest.

White-quality fishEdit

White-quality fish can be opened up for experience, secret stones, eidolon experience crystals, or costumes.

Icon Name Location
Fish-grasscarp Grass Carp Helonia Coast
Demarech Mines
Ventos Prairie
Oblitus Wood
Emerald Marsh
Desolate Valley
Fish-herring Herring Helonia Coast
Demarech Mines
Ventos Prairie
Oblitus Wood
Emerald Marsh
Candetonn Hill
Fish-rivermollusk River Mollusk Vulture's Vale
Silent Ice Field
Port Morton
Fish-smallshrimp Small Shrimp Port Skandia
Crescent Hill
Candeo Marsh
Rainmist Reach
Port Morton
Desolate Valley
Guild Hall
Fish-sweetfish Sweetfish Crescent Hill
Cactakara Forest
Candeo Marsh
Star Sand Desert
Starstruck Plateau
Viridian Steppe
Fish-westernsaury Western Saury Port Skandia
Triatio Highlands
Starstruck Plateau
Viridian Steppe
Guild Hall
Fish-whitebait Whitebait Cactakara Forest
Triatio Highlands
Star Sand Desert
Vulture's Vale
Rainmist Reach
Silent Ice Field
Candetonn Hill

Green-quality fishEdit

Green-quality fish can be opened up for weapon crates, fishing gear boxes, or rare legendary fishing gear materials.

Icon Name Location
Fish-bass Bass Ventos Prairie
Fish-catfish Catfish Crescent Hill
Fish-carp Carp Oblitus Wood
Fish-cod Cod Helonia Coast
Fish-eel Eel Star Sand Desert
Fish-fangfish Fang Fish Emerald Marsh
Fish-flyingfish Flying Fish Vulture's Vale
Fish-FlyingFish Flying Fish Sunhunter's Vale
Fish-gulpereel Gulper Eel Viridian Steppe
Fish-jellyfish Jellyfish Starstruck Plateau
Fish-eel Loach Guild Hall
Fish-minnow Minnow Triatio Highlands
Fish-poisonfrog Poison Frog Rainmist Reach
Fish-pufferfish Pufferfish Candetonn Hill
Fish-redshark Red Shark Port Skandia
Rivercrab River Crab Cactakara Forest
Fish-sailfish Sailfish Port Morton
Fish-seabream Sea Bream Candeo Marsh
Fish-stingray Stingray Desolate Valley
Fish-suckermouthcatfish Suckermouth Catfish Tanglevine Cascades
Fish-turtle Turtle Silent Ice Field
Fish-wisdomfish Wisdom Fish Guild Hall
Fish-flyingfish Yellow Croaker Demarech Mines

Orange-quality fishEdit

Orange-quality fish can be opened up for bait, fusion formulas, materials, or miscellaneous items.

Icon Name Location
Fish-alpacacrab Alpaca Crab Vulture's Vale
Fish-bluefintuna Bluefin Tuna Helonia Coast
Fish-colorfulsalmon Colorful Salmon Ventos Prairie
Fish-coppershark Copper Shark Port Skandia
Fish-longtailedbass Crystal Carp Crescent Hill
Fish-devilfish Devilfish Viridian Steppe
Fish-flamejellyfish Flame Jellyfish Starstruck Plateau
Fish-frostfintrout Frostfin Trout Candeo Marsh
Greeneyedmandarinfish Greeneyed Mandarin Fish Cactakara Forest
Fish-goldenlobster Golden Lobster Demarech Mines
Fish-highlandsghostcrab Highlands Ghost Crab Triatio Highlands
Fish-icefieldfrostturtle Ice Field Frost Turtle Silent Ice Field
Fish-indigoanglerfish Indigo Anglerfish Tanglevine Cascades
Fish-longtailedbass Long-Tailed Bass Star Sand Desert
Fish-midnightstingray Midnight Stingray Desolate Valley
Fish-pinkflyingfish Pink Flying Fish Sunhunter's Vale
Fish-poisonouspufferfish Poisonous Pufferfish Candetonn Hill
Fish-purplepoisonfrog Purple Poison Frog Rainmist Reach
Fish-swordfish Swordfish Port Morton
Fish-thornfangfish Thornfang Fish Emerald Marsh
Fish-whitecatfish White Catfish Oblitus Wood

King fishEdit

King Fish can be opened up for fusion formulas, legendary fishing gear materials, or miscellaneous gear and items.

Icon Name Location
Fish-ancientmandarinfish Ancient Mandarin Fish Cactakara Forest
Fish-bloodthirstythornfang Bloodthirsty Thornfang Emerald Marsh
Coppersharkking Copper Shark King Port Skandia
Fish-crimsonwispjellyfish Crimson Wisp Jellyfish Starstruck Plateau
Fish-deepseatuna Deep Sea Tuna Helonia Coast
Fish-eternalwisdomelder Eternal Wise Crab Vulture's Vale
Fish-flaretuna Flare Tuna Sunhunter's Vale
Fish-deepseatuna Giant Marsh Trout Candeo Marsh
Fish-goldenpetalfish Giant Sand Perch Star Sand Desert
Fish-glimmershade Glimmershade Tanglevine Cascades
Fish-goldenpetalfish Golden Petal Fish Crescent Hill
Fish-hypnosisfrog Hypnosis Frog Rainmist Reach
Fish-icefieldcontinentturtle Ice Field Continent Turtle Silent Ice Field
Fish-ironcladswordfish Ironclad Swordfish Port Morton
Fish-kingsandcrab King Sand Crab Triatio Highlands
Fish-magicalgleamshadow Magical Gleam Shadow
Butterfly Fish
Chronology Forest
Fish-midnightsilverside Midnight Silverside Desolate Valley
Fish-mutantcrystallobster Mutant Crystal Lobster Demarech Mines
Fish-phantomdevilfish Phantom Devilfish Viridian Steppe
Fish-rainbowsalmon Rainbow Salmon Ventos Prairie
Fish-royalperch Royal Perch Thousand Water Marsh
Fish-starlightpufferfish Starlight Pufferfish Candetonn Hill
Fish-waterfallcatfish Waterfall Catfish Oblitus Wood


Icon Name Location
Miraclecube Miracle Cube All maps

Quest Edit

Icon Name Location
Fish-colorfulfishking Colorful Fish King Cactakara Forest
Fish-luckypetalfish Lucky Petal Fish Crescent Hill
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