Lumikki's Key of Gaia
Gaia Key
Cannot trade. Not usable in combat.
Character Level 25 and Above
Lumikki's power resides within. It radiates an arctic chill.

Right-click to obtain the Eidolon Lumikki.
You cannot obtain the same Eidolon twice.
This key is also used in the evolution of Lumikki.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.
Snow Princess
Level: 25
DMG: 4550 B.png
CRIT: 491 Cplus.png
SPD: 884 Bplus.png
HP: 7664 B.png
DEF: 1756 Cplus.png
EVA: 983 Bplus.png
Angry Apple
Lumikki launches a huge enchanted apple at the enemy, annihilating their defenses.

Befuddling Butterflies
Lumikki summons a swarm of butterflies to befuddle the enemy, reducing the target's movement speed.

Candied Inspiration
Lumikki conjures candied apples to inspire her allies to fight, increasing both their damage and critical damage.

Info[edit | edit source]

This key will summon Lumikki.

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