Lv.75 Go West

The Church intends to search for Salesian's heir and additional information about the Holy Sword in the distant land of Principia. You have been asked to accompany Victoria there.

Go to Principia.

Completion Condition
Proceed to board airship. 0/1
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"By order of Grand Bishop Belenus, I've been searching for the Holy Sword. After speaking with countless elders, I finally have some new information," Gus says.
"The Holy Sword belonged to the Templar's first leader, Salesian. After his death, his heir went into seclusion in the distant land of Principia. It's been ages since then, but Salesian's heir should have information about the Holy Sword.
After hearing this, Grand Bishop Imma decided to send someone to Principia to investigate. Unfortunately, Alex and Anya have their hands full the Candleton and Mortonville, so the task fell to Victoria.
Perhaps you can be of service? Victoria could use help in Principia, to assist her in the search for clues."


Preparations are underway for the voyage to Principia. Many will undertake the journey, though a vast ocean lies between Principia and Midgard. Curious, you ask Gus how you'll travel to the distant land of Principia.


"We'll take a flying ship, of course."
Gus gives you a wink.


Travel by flying ship is new to you, and you feel a mix of glee and apprehension. Gus comforts you.


"Don't worry about a thing. The flying ship is an elite aerial vehicle, used exclusively by the Church and its associates. It's our preferred mode of transport, and it's completely safe. We'll leave soon, so please get ready."

Completing the Quest Edit


"<Envoy>! Ah you're awake. Great!"
The soldier is happy to find you awake.
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