Lv.75 Pursuit of Knowledge
Completion Condition
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Before Grand Bishop Belenus issued the holy decree, he asked Gus to secretly search for the Holy Sword. Though we've lost Grand Bishop Belenus, we can still honor his last wishes. Grand Bishop Belenus was perhaps known for his precognitive abilities."
Imma turns to look at you.
"When it comes to the Holy Sword, we've only discovered the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what might happen next... Your strength would be a true asset to our knights when the time comes."


Imma's request moves you, and you immediately pledge your assistance.


"Thank you, <Insert Envoy's name>. Please ask Gus for the details. I'll stay here and pray for your endeavors."
Imma is clearly relieved that you agree to help.

Completing the Quest Edit


Gus is giving orders left and right. You stand aside, waiting for the right moment.


"<Insert Envoy's name>, sorry to keep you waiting. I appreciate your patience."
Gus finishes his work and puts his notepad aside. He welcomes you with a smile.
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