Lv.80 On the Shoulders of Dwarves

Lordot wants you to help with his research by operating the controller as he instucts you. That way, he'll be able to analyze the collected samples.

Help lordot to operate the experimental device.

Completion Condition
Follow the instrctions to use the machine.
Quest Reward


Accepting QuestEdit


"Next up, we're going to use this contraption to analyze the cells of these treants.
You probably have some spare time on your hands. Can you help me to switch it on and off?"
Lorfot points at the machine beside him.


You expect the button and lever on the controller.
It doesn't look too complicated, so you agree to Lordot's request.


"Great! With an expert like you, things will run smoothly.
You just have to do exactly as I say-capiche?
It won't be difficult, don't worry."

In ProgressEdit


"If you're ready, we can begin!"
Lordot looks like he's ready to jump off a cliff.

Completed QuestEdit


"Hey?! Isnt this..."
Lordot goes wide-eyed as if he's discovered something.


You look closer but you don't understand a thing.
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