Lv1. Bad Dreams and Worse Mornings

Several nights of nightmares have deprives you of proper sleep. You feel sluggish, as though you are in a constant fog. Yesterday, you completely forgot to help deliver goods, so you'll need to apologize to the Village Chief's wife.
Talk to Sheila, the Village Chie'fs wife.

Completion Condition
Report to: Chief's Wife Sheila
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


The nightmare fatigues you greatly, your thoughts fractured and sluggish. You're relieved that the terrible dream was only just that, but you regret not being able to see it to its end.
The people in your dream seem powerful and important, not at all like the people you know at the small fishing village. How did the dream end? You long to find out...


"<Envoy>, are you zoning out? I thought you said you were supposed to deliver some goods to Lady Sheila. You're an official garrison member; I shouldn't need to remind you to do your job!"
"I like you a lot; don't let me down. The boss wants to discuss something with me, so go ahead and meed with the Chief's Wife."


You are not sure why or when you fell asleep. Yesterday, you agreed to deliver some merchandise to the Chief's Wife. It looks as though you've missed the delivery; you have to apologize to her.

In ProgressEdit


"It is now getting late. <Envoy>, this boy is so..."

Completing the QuestEdit


"<Envoy>, have you forgotten your promise already?" Sheila asks with a gentle smile.
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