Lv11. Conservative and Radical

The entire town hopes that things will return to normal after they hand over the supplies to the pirates. However, one young man, Braeden, refuses to give anything to them. You need to convince him otherwise.
Explain to Isaac about his brother Braeden's situation and try to convince Braeden not to brashly resist the pirates.

Completion Condition
Talk to Isaac.
Report to: Younger Fisherman Brother Braeden
Quest Reward
5926 EXP48 Silver

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


You ask Luther why the townsfolk don't just band together to resist the Pirates.


Luther releases a long sigh. "The people here just want to live in peace. If they can solve the problem by throwing money at it, that's what they'll do."
"But not everyone shares this viewpoint. If I remember correctly, the younger of the Fisherman Brothers, Braeden, doesn't want to hand over the cash or goods."
"Perhaps you can find his older brother, Isaac, and speak to him. Maybe you can come up with a way to convince Braeden. We could really use Braeden's help collecting supplies."

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"Can I help you?"

Talking to Isaac[edit | edit source]


You relay Luther's words to Isaac and explain that you want to convince Braeden to hand over the goods.


"I'm worried about Braeden. His refusal to hand over the supplies might provoke the pirates." Isaac sighs.
"My brother won't listen to me. There will always be more fish to catch; a few trout aren't worth his life. He just doesn't understand."
"Well, I guess since you're willing to convince him, it's worth a try."

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


You explain to Braeden why you have come, but he seems increasingly annoyed.


"Let me tell you something. I won't be threatened. I won't give those pirates a dime!" Braeden seethes.


You tell Braeden that you agree, but resisting will only alert the pirates to your plan.


Braeden stares at you a moment, thinking.
"You know what? You're right. I didn't think of that. We can't just blatantly resist them."
"I'll prepare the supplies for the pirates, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve."


You nod, but insist that the entire town still needs to fully prepare if they hope to fight back.


"You know, I just met you, but I think we're gonna get along just fine." Braeden grins.
"Count me in. I've got some ideas on how to take down the pirates. I'll prepare all the supplies before executing the plan.
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