Lv12. Surface Submission

Sun Crabs swarm the hut where the fish is stored. To retrieve the catch, you have to get rid of the Sun Crabs.
Drive off all the Sun Crabs near the hut and bring back the catch.

Completion Condition
Defeat Sun Crab. 0/8
Defeat Mobray. 0/1
Obtained Confiscated Material from Crate. 0/1
Report to: Younger Fisherman Brother Braeden
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I'll take all the fish that we've caught recently to a nearby hut. Add that to the fish stock, and we should meet the quota."
"It won't be so easy to get the fish to the pirates, though." Braeden bites his lips, thinking.
"The pirates' activity has forced Sun Crabs to gather near town. One of 'em is larger and stronger than the rest. The townsfolk call him Mobray the Giant Crab."
"Unfortunately, the crabs are converging on the very place where I put all the fish."


You tell Braeden that you will help him fend off the Crabs and bring back the catch.


"The hut containing the fish is in the southern section of the eastern coast. Don't underestimate those Sun Crabs, though. Their pincers can snap straight through human bone."

In ProgressEdit


"After we get the catch back, we need to take inventory and add it to the payment. I don't want to give even one extra fish to those thieving cads."
"The fish are stored in a hut south of the eastern coast. but watch out for the blasted Sun Crabs."

Completing the QuestEdit


Braeden grins widely as you present the catch to him.


"I saw what you did on the coast!" Braeden crows, his eyes full of awe.
"I've never seen someone with such skill. Every last Sun Crab scampered away, terrified. You even defeated Mobray!"
"I had no idea you had such battle prowess. You could teach me a thing or two, partner."
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