Lv13. Fishing Net

Braeden asks you to help him hide his plan to counterattack the pirates from his brother. Meanwhile, Isaac asks you to gather Thin Vines.
Go to Helonia Woods and look for Dryads, then bring back Thin Vines for Isaac.

Completion Condition
Collect Thin Vines 0/4
Report to: Older Fisherman Brother Isaac
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"While fishing, I accidentally caught a stone in my net, and it totally shredded the mesh. I need that net! Without it, my livelihood is all but destroyed."
"I'm still not sure what to do. I could get the materials needed to make a new net in the forest, but I've heard that the pirates frequent that area and tend to attack anyone who goes in alone."


You ask Isaac what kinds of items he needs for the net, offering to help collect them.


"That would be fantastic! You can get high-quality Thin Vines from the Brushvine Spirits and Fern Dryads in the Helonia Woods. The vines can be woven into excellent nets."

Completing the QuestEdit


You hand all the Thin Vines to Isaac.


"Wow, look at all of these!" he exclaims, clearly pleased.
"Even without the whole pirate issue, it would've taken Braeden and I much longer to collect the Thin Vines."
"Thank you so much."
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