Lv13. Mysterious Paint

Braeden's plan is in motion. This time, he needs to make waterproof paint out of a bug's bodily secretions.
Collect body fluids from the Forest Beetles, and return to Braeden.

Completion Condition
Defeat Forest Beetle to get Insect Fluid. 0/6
Report to: Younger Fisherman Brother Braeden
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"If we want to set our bombs on the beach, I need you to help prepare some waterproof paint."


You anxiously ask Braeden to be more specific.


"West of Helonia, you'll find Helonia Woods. Forest Beetles live there, and their gooey bodily secretions cause water to bead up. The goo is used as a sealant on many ships."
"The mist and fog are thick around the coast. If those bombs aren't waterproof, it could compromise the whole plan."
"We've gotta use the secretions to keep the gunpowder dry. Please help me collect the secretions of the Forest Beetles. I'll do my best to finish my current task by the time you get back."

In ProgressEdit


"I've got to think everything through and lay out the plans completely. Maybe if I present the townsfolk with concrete ideas, I can tap into their suppressed rage toward the pirates," Braeden contemplates, pacing.

Completing the QuestEdit


"Oh! You've brought a lot of Insect Fluid! Quick, let me take a look." Braeden snatches the vial of Insect Fluid out of your hands before you have a chance to respond.
"I'm almost done with my work here. Let me think about what to do next..."
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