Lv13. Persuade the Residents of Helonia

Propaganda is definitely an important part of this war. You have to distribute the flyers to incite the townspeople to take a stand at last.
Bring the flyers to the town and distribute them to the townsfolk.

Completion Condition
Give Flyer to Grandpa.
Give flyer to Helonian Man
Give Flyer to Middle-Aged Man
Report to: Older Fisherman Brother Isaac
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Now onto the next step of my plan," Braeden exclaims.
"There's no time to lose!" Braeden brings out a few sheets of paper and begins scrawling on them.
"This is the beginning of the next step of my plan. We should distribute these flyers to the townspeople. We've got to incite the anger in them; they hate those dastardly pirates, but they're too afraid to fight back. Appeal to the townsfolk to stand together against the pirates."
"Take these flyers and distribute them. Make sure that you don't lose them; they took me a long time to print up. I just know they'll get a good reaction out of the townsfolk."


You tell Braeden that you will distribute the flyers, but you aren't sure if the townspeople will pass on the information as he hopes.


"It shouldn't be a problem. Everyone loves some good gossip. We need as many people to fight against the pirates as possible. However, I'm worried that my older brother will try to stop us when he hears the plan."
"I think I'm getting an idea. After you've handed out the flyers, seek out my brother and find out if he's wise to our plan."

In ProgressEdit


"<Envoy>, I'm glad we can agree. It's not worth ordinary folk like us making enemies out of the pirates, who knows what they'll do if they're provoked."
"Hold on, what are those papers you're holding? Do you need some help?"


You dismiss the offer of help with a wave of your hand. Looks like you'll have to distribute the flyers before getting any information out of Isaac.

Talking to GrandpaEdit


You pass a flyer to an elderly townsman.


He raises a white eyebrow and reads the paper. "I fully support fighting the pirates. I once got in a tussle with them in a pub when I was younger. I wasn't afraid of them then, and I'm certainly not afraid of them now!"

Talking to Helonian ManEdit


You pass a flyer to a young man.

Helonian Man

He reads it with surprise, then smiles.
"Finally, someone's taking some action around here! We've put up with those pirates for far too long!"
"You can count on my help. And my friends will be on your side, too." The Helonian Man grins, excitement in his eyes.

Talking to Middle-Aged ManEdit


You shove a flyer into the hands of a middle-aged man.

Middle-Aged Man

"Don't go looking for problems! I have a wife and kid at home. I'm not going to pick a fight with a pirate, you fool!" Clearly agitated, the man crumples the flyer into a ball.
"Get out of here! Don't come near my house again. I will have no part in your foolish plan!" He throws the paper to the ground, furious.

Completing the QuestEdit


After you finish distributing the flyers, you chat with Isaac, asking him about the pirates.


"We all know those pirates are vicious cads, but we're just normal people. We're not experts like you, <Envoy>. We shouldn't start trouble."
"Speaking of which, I really must thank you. I've heard that, thanks to you, Braeden will hand over the supplies. I couldn't persuade him no matter how hard I tried."
"Earlier, when I was fishing, I found something called a 'Secret Stone.' They say such a stone could be very useful for adventurers. I want to give it to you as a way to express my gratitude, but...


Noticing Isaac's hesitation, you ask him to tell you more.
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