Lv14. A Noisy Gift

Isaac explains that the pirates want Braeden to fetch some parrots. However, Braeden's abilities are mostly limited to fishing. To stop Isaac from getting any closer to finding out about the plan, you volunteer to catch the parrots on Braeden's behalf.
Go to Helonia Woods and catch some parrots for Braeden.

Completion Condition
Collect Caged Parrot 0/4
Defeat Raging Parrot 0/4
Report to: Younger Fisherman Brother Braeden
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Before I leave, I must tell my brother something."


You are momentarily taken aback. If Isaac finds Braeden, he'll definitely learn about the counterattack plan. Casually, you ask why he needs to find his brothers.


"I fear that even Braeden collected so many Thin Vines, he doesn't have the parrots the pirates are after... and I've still got the cages."
"Pirates love parrots. What are you gonna do?" Isaac shrugs.
"I got to make sure he remembers, or everything he's done up to this point will be for naught."


You anxiously stop Isaac in his tracks and tell him you'll help Braeden catch the parrots.


"You're willing to help? Excellent! I don't think Braeden has it in him to catch the birds anyway."
"Take these cages and go to Helonia Woods. Catch the parrots. We fishermen mostly focus on, you know, fishing, so the pirates' request isn't an easy one for us. And the parrots aren't exactly the friendliest birds ever..."

Completing the QuestEdit


You give Braeden the Wild Parrots and tell him what Isaac has said.


"I knew I was forgetting something! I nearly let a bunch of stupid birds ruin the whole plan!" Braeden groans, pulling at his hair.
"I'm lucky to have your help - and my brother's too. You caught those dastardly birds a lot faster than I could've. Heck, even if I had a few days, I'm not sure I'd be able to catch 'em."
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