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Lv14. Bella's Orchard

Madeline suggests that you enlist the help of the Alchemist and use fake gold to deceive the Pirates. Thus, you travel to Bella's Orchard to find the Alchemist.
Discover the location of the Alchemist by talking to the couple from Bella's Orchard.

Completion Condition
Talk to Bella.
Talk to Vance.
Report to: Little Boy Donny
Quest Reward
9984 EXP56 Silver


Accepting the Quest[]


"<Envoy>, I think I know how to lure in the pirates."
"They're after anything of value. If we pretend that some treasure has just washed ashore, they'll be on it like white on rice."


You nod, but remind Madeline that the pirates have taken all of the supplies. What kind of treasures could Helonia possibly have?


"You're right; we've given them almost everything we have. However, I know an Alchemist on the Helonia Coast. They say he can turn stones into fool's gold. You'd never know it wasn't real!"
"Maybe we can ask him for help and lure the pirates to the Silverash Shores with the fake gold."


"You ask for the Alchemist's location."


"He's at Bella's Orchard, I believe. The Orchard Master there has taken him in before."


You tell Madeline that, as town mayor, she should gather the townsfolk immediately and ready the plan. You will find the Alchemist.


"You're right. I'll gather all the townsfolk and carry out the plan. Braeden will prepare the dynamite."
"Bella's Orchard is northwest of the town. Go find Vance, the Orchard Master, and he'll help you find the Alchemist."

In Progress[]


As you approach the Joint Operation Camp, you see everyone hard at work. Even the best hunters are present, preparing their gear for the war.


"So we meet again, <Envoy>. There's so much to do around here that it's a wonder I can even remember to breathe!" Rachel takes a glance around, looking quite exhausted.

Talking to Bella[]


You explain to Bella why you have come.


"I can understand what the Town Mayor has gone through, but I support my husband's decision. No matter what, I will always be on his side."
"The Orchard's harvests have been poor recently. It's been a difficult season for of the most difficult we've ever faced." Bella sighs sadly.

Talking to Vance[]


You explain to Vance the purpose of your visit, hoping he will divulge the whereabouts of the Alchemist. You desperately need the fool's gold to lure the pirates to their demise.


"It appears Madeline has already made her decision...Things have changed so much at this stage. I must consider my next actions carefully."
"Though I detest the pirates, I cannot tell you the location of the Alchemist. His talents are in demand by the wrong people. Villains and thieves are fully willing to resort to unscrupulous methods and threats to force him to make the gold. That's why he had to flee Helonia."
"He does not wish to be disturbed by anyone again. I must respect his wishes and keep him safe. I cannot support your plan. I hope you understand...."

Completing the Quest[]


"Are you here to help my parents?" Donny asks with an angelic smile.
Donny asks with an angelic smile.
"Mommy and daddy have been so sad. I hear them crying each night." Donny's own eyes fill with tears.