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Lv14. Greedy Pirates

The items that Braeden needs are finally prepared. You have to take them to the Mayor as soon as possible.
Take the Supply Trailer and find Madeline.

Completion Condition
Drag the Supply Trailer to Madeline. 0/1
Report to: Helonia Mayor Madeline
Quest Reward
9984 EXP56 Silver


Accepting the Quest[]


"That was really close, but I've got everything I need." Braeden smiles, flushed.
"Can you help me get these items into town? The mayor will be happy to see 'em," Braeden grunts.
"I still have to go to my brother's place to get new fishing nets, and I've gotta make sure he's still in the dark about our plans. If you're ready, go ahead. I don't want to give the pirates a reason to start trouble."

In Progress[]


"We're missing Braeden's items. I can't believe he's not here yet!"

Completing the Quest[]


You place the box full of supplies next to the Town Mayor, explaining that these are the items Braeden is supposed to collect. Everything is accounted for within the box.


"Wonderful!" Her expression lifts, then suddenly darkens.
"The pirates... they're here. I hope things go as planned," She murmurs, biting her lip.