Lv14. The Orchard's Insect Plague

Fruit Beetles have made trouble for the Orchard. Donny wants you to help his family.
Eliminate all the Fruit Beetles in the Orchard and tell Bella of your deed.

Completion Condition
Defeat Fruit Beetle 0/8
Report to: Orchard Mistress Bella
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Recently, Fruit Beetles have swarmed the Orchard. They scarf down our fruit without a second thought. Daddy tried a bunch of ways to drive them away, but nothing has worked."
"Daddy works in the Orchard for days on end. He just doesn't have time for Mommy or me. I want to help, but Daddy doesn't allow me to get anywhere near those nasty bugs."
"Since I'm not allowed to help, could you do me a favor and drive the Fruit Beetles out of the Orchard for good?"

Completing the QuestEdit


You tell Bella that you've eliminated the Fruit Beetles in the Orchard.


"What? But how did you know?" She turns around to see Donny peeping around a corner, blushing guiltily.
"Donny asked you? How could he ask a total stranger to do something so dangerous?" Bella fumes.


You assure her that you are just fine and that with your skills and expertise, fending off the Fruit Beetles was an easy feat.


"Well, what can I say? Thank you. You may have saved this orchard."
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