Lv15. Patrolling Bella's Orchard

Bella wants to hold a family meeting to decide how to respond to your request. She asks you to check on the Orchard while they discuss the situation.
Patrol the east and west sides of Bella's Orchard.

Completion Condition
Enter Helonia Coast's Bella's Orchard West (X:215 Y:459)
Enter Helonia Coast's Bella's Orchard East (X:374 Y:401)
Report to: Orchard Master Vance
Quest Reward


Accepting the Quest


"<Envoy>, thanks to you, we can finally stop holding our breath," Bella explains with a grateful smile.
"Though you got rid of the Beetles and Tanuki - at least for now - I'm still a little worried. We were never able to drive them away in the past."
"I want to discuss the plan you proposed with my husband. Perhaps I can get him to see your perspective. In the meantime, could you make a few rounds at the Orchard?"
"After you've finished making your rounds, go chat with my husband. Hopefully, we can come to a conclusion by the time you return."

Completing the Quest


"Bella and Donny told me what you've done. I never thought a stranger would be so willing to help." Vance looks flushed.
"I even went to Helonia to ask about you. No one had anything but kind things to say."
"My family has already discussed the issue with me. I've also reconsidered the plan that you've suggested; we feel that you've proven you can be trusted."
"We'll introduce you to that Alchemist, but he'll decide whether or not he wants to help."
"Perry really can refine ordinary stones into fool's gold; the rumors are true."
"Unfortunately, the wrong people know about his talent. Everyone wants to use his secret to strike it rich or swindle innocent people. Thus, he's loathe to trust strangers."
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