Lv18. Brotherhood

Isaac agress to take part in the plan, but he fears that Sand Crabs on the shore might attack Braeden as he carries out his task. Therefore, he asks you to drive away the Sand Crabs.
Rid the Silverash Shores of the Raging Sand Crabs.

Completion Condition
Defeat Raging Sand Crab. 0/8
Report to: Mayor of Helonia Madeline
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I can't think of anyone who would be willing to send the fake gold to the Pirates Stronghold. It's incredibly risky,"


"I'll do it," Isaac suddenly pipes up, walking toward you.
"I'll transport the fake gold. I've already talked to the Town Mayor. It'll be a piece of cake."


"Brother? But... but... this is a dangerous operation!"


"True. But I want to help. I need to help." He nods sharply.
"<Envoy>, will you help me once again? A group of Raging Sand Crabs lurk at the northern end of Silverash Shore. If Braeden sets up bombs there, they may attack him. I'd like you to help me get rid of these Sand Crabs."
"With our combined abilities, we can work together to complete this mission."


You nod briskly and leave the brothers to discuss details of the plan. You hope they will work together well... your life may just depend upon it.

Completing the QuestEdit


You tell Madeline that you've cleared the beach.


"Thank you. I'm quite surprised that Isaac joined the operation. Our plan now depends on the brothers."
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