Lv19. Cunning Cartographer

Luther wants you to draw up a map of the Pirate Lair.
Fill out the Blank Map Paper with a complete map of the Pirate Lair.

Completion Condition
Collect Full Map of the Camp. 0/1
Report to: Report to Disguised Pirate Merchant Luther
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"We need to collect some information. If we hope to rescue Selena sooner rather than later, we've got to split up."
"Here's my plan. Let me see what I can learn from the Pirates. I'll try to get information on Selena's whereabouts, but I'll also see what other dirt I can dig up."
"Meanwhile, you should come up with a rough map of the camp. If you discover any precious belongings the Pirates plundered, mark their locations on the map. Hopefully, we can snatch all the valuables back and return them to their rightful owners."

Completing the QuestEdit


You hand the map to Luther and share what you have learned about the area.


"They're loading goods into the boxes?" Luther scowls. He hasn't learned about that, apparently.
"I haven't located Selena, and time is running out. We have to act fast."
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