Lv19. X Marks the Spot

Luther plans to place bombs around the camp, so he asks you to mark the most important locations on your map. Said areas are indicated by Pirate Flags. However, to avoid the detection magic of the Catseye Conjurers, he asks you to first steal their Staffs.

Steal the Conjurer's Staff and use the Charcoal Pencil to mark important locations, indicated by Pirate Flags, on the Map.

Completion Condition
Marked on Eastern Banner. 0/1
Marked on Central Banner. 0/1
Marked on Western Banner. 0/1
Defeat Catseye Conjurer to get Conjurer Staff. 0/2
Report to: Report to Disguised Pirate Merchant Luther
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"After we save Selena, we have to destroy the Pirate Lair. I've got a few bombs leftover from Braeden. We just need to place them strategically near their most important areas."
"I retrieved a piece of interesting information from the Pirates. To claim sovereignty here, they've put up banners from the Catseye Pirate Crew in front of their most important buildings."
"They've done us the favor of marking all of their facilities for us!" Luther grins.
"You scouted the Lair, so you're probably more familiar with it than I am. Bring some Charcoal Pencils with you when you go to the Lair. Draw a mark on the banners in front of the important areas."
"Catseye Conjurers will use magic to prevent the Lair from being raided, so we need to find a way to get rid of them and take their staves."

Completing the QuestEdit


Luther snatches the staff from your hand and throws it aside.


One by one, you point out each location on the map to Luther.


"Ah, I see!"
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