Lv2. Boxed Lunch

Sheila grows anxious about her son and decides to go looking for him. She asks you to bring the lunchbox to her husband, York, and tells you to ask York for a suitable job.

Bring the lunchbox to York near the lighthouse.

Completion Condition
Give Sheila's Bento Box to York
Report to: Village Chief York
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Hasn't anyone seen Joel? Where has that boy gone?" Sheila glances around anxiously.
"He can't have gone too far..." She hangs her head, looking despondently at the lunchbox in her hand.
"I ought to go look for him. Could you bring this lunchbox to my husband, York? When you see him, ask him to find you a suitable job."

Completing the QuestEdit


"I must report to you, as you are the Village Chief. The sea has begun to churn; the situation grows more unstable by the day. I can only guide the ships into the port with light signals, but..."


"Got it. The monster population in the forest has skyrocketed, too. Things are getting rough around here." York looks over at you, eyeing the lunchbox.
"<Envoy>, where is my wife, and why are you delivering my lunch?"
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