Lv2. Looking for Work

York doesn't have a job for you with him, so he sends you to the Logging site.

Talk with Caine, the foreman at the Logging Site.

Completion Condition
Report to: Foreman Caine
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Sheila dotes on him. She spoils him. He can play alone once in a while, you know? Who knows, he might grow up to be a great conqueror - if he stops being so darn soft!" York chortles.
"As for your work... well, I really don't have much for you to do."


"York, you said you needed someone to replace one of Caine's... less enthusiastic workers. How could you forget so quickly?"


"I didn't forget. But working for Caine is no picnic. Very few are willing to work backbreaking hours at the Logging Site, and Caine's not exactly Mr. Personality."
"<Envoy>, would you like to try working at the Logging Site? The salary's not bad."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Did york as you to come here? Excellent. I was just wondering what the Garrison Members in the village normally do during the day. They just hang about the forest. They might as well be here doing something productive for once."
"Speaking of which, have you seen Brian lately? He hasn't come to work in days!"


You shake your head and explain that you don't know him.


"Well, there's no time to lose. you should just start working right away."
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