Lv20. Pirate Maiden

Selena stops you and makes it clear that she came to the Pirate Lair of her own free will. She tells you to ask Mac to confirm her story.
Ask Pirate Leader Mac about the whole thing.

Completion Condition
Report to: Report to Pirate Leader Mac
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I beg you, don't hurt Mac. Can't you understand? I wasn't kidnapped!"
"No one forced me to come here. I came of my own volition. No one here has hurt me."
"I am in love with Mac. I want to sail the seas with him. I want to be his navigation officer. I just want to pursue my dreams, to let salty ocean air sting my nose, to live a life of adventure. Is that so much to ask?"
Selena holds out a key. "This is the key to the Treasure Vault. All of the treasure collected from our town is locked inside. Mac plans to return all the plundered items back to the townsfolk."
"If you still don't believe me, ask Mac himself!"

Completing the QuestEdit


Mac confirms what Selena has told you.


Mac relaxes a bit. "What she told you is true. We are desperately in love. I never asked her to leave her family. She offered."
"My men like her quite a bit and they regard her as part of the crew. She's beloved among us. No one would dare harm a hair on her head."
"I have given the key to the Treasure Vault to Selena. The treasures belong to the townsfolk of Helonia, so I will return it all to them."
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