Lv20. Pursuing a Dream

Selena asks you to bring the Treasure Vault Key and the letter to Madeline. She also requests that you thank Luther on her behalf. Selena plans to leave the Helonia Coast with Mac.
Bring the Treasure Vault key and the letter to Madeline for Selena and thank Luther on her behalf.

Completion Condition
Give Treasure Vault key and letter to Madeline.
Talk to Luther.
Report to: Mayor of Helonia Madeline
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Mac and I are about to leave. Before we go, I would like to entrust this letter to you. Please bring it to my mother in Helonia, and tell her I'm okay. I'm off to pursue my dreams."
"Could... could you apologize to Luther for me? I understand his feelings, and I appreciate that he's done so much for me and asked for nothing in return. But... my heart belongs to Mac..."
"Luther will find someone and she'll be a very lucky girl indeed." Selena smiles sadly.


"Selena, why don't you give the key to <Envoy>." Mac nods to her.


Selena smiles wistfully at Mac. She hands you the key and the letter. "The key to the Treasure Vault and the letter to my mother are yours now. I know we'll meet again some day."

In ProgressEdit


"<Envoy>, you came back! How's my daughter? Is she all right?" Madeline talks quickly, pacing.

Talking to LutherEdit


"I am so sorry, <Envoy>... I shouldn't have left you alone in the Lair, but when I saw that Selena had fallen for a filthy pirate, well, I just lost my head."
"Do you know that feeling? I just felt empty inside. All I could think about was going home."


You tell Luther about Selena's message. Luther keeps silent, his head in his hands.


"Selena..." Luther looks toward the Pirate Lair, despondent.
"Thank you, <Envoy>, for everything. I'll pull myself together, get stronger, and pursue my dream of becoming a Traveling Merchant. In time, maybe I'll get beyond this."

Completing the QuestEdit


You tell Madeline what has happened and give her Selena's letter and the key to the Treasure Vault.


Madeline inhales sharply. "It's not possible. She'd never do something like that to me!" Madeline snatches the letter from your hands.
After reading the letter, Madeline begins to weep. "This is all my fault. I shouldn't have kept her from pursuing her dream. I held her back, and now she's rebelling!"
Madeline manages to subdue her emotions enough to speak. "She inherited my stubbornness, but she also inherited her father's lust for freedom and independence. She'll become a navigation officer, just like he was."
"It may not be an ideal ending, but at least she's safe and happy. Thank you, <Envoy>, for everything... Remember when you asked me to loan you the Starlight Treasure Chest? Give me a moment."
"I don't know much about the Starlight Treasure Chest, but it was passed down from generation to generation." Madeline pulls out an ornate box.
"The Treasure Chest has always been locked, and I don't have the key to it. My father said this once belonged to our ancestors. If you'll accept it, I'd like to give it to you."
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