Lv21. Potent Grass

Anthony asks you to collect some Lunar Grass, grind it into juice, and give it to him.

Go northwest of Lunarin, collect the Lunar Grass, and grind it into Viscous Juice.

Completion Condition
Collected Lunar Grass 0/5
Collect Viscous Juice. 0/5
Report to: Old Craftsman Anthony
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"<Envoy>, Sue told me you're helping prepare for the ceremony, and gol-dangit, I need all the help I can get."
"There's a type of plant known 'round these parts as Lunar Grass that grows to the northwest of Lunarin. If you grind up the Lunar Grass, you'll get a sticky paste that's almost like glue."
"We often use the paste to patch up broken items, and this'll be much quicker than rebuilding the damaged things from scratch. I need you to go gather some of that grass, then give me the Viscous Juice after you've ground it up."

In ProgressEdit


"Lunar Grass grows to the northwest of Lunarin. Remember to grind it up nice and good - it's the paste I need, not the grass itself."

Completing the QuestEdit


You hand the thick, foul smelling Viscous Juice to Anthony.


"I feared some of these things would be beyond repair, but the damage is actually fairly minor. With this paste, we can patch 'em up good as new."
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