Lv22. Boozy Beetles

Halton requests that you get the Glands from the Flower Beetles as well as Arcane Flowers.

Go to Crescent Forest, and defeat the Flower Beetles to gather their Glands. Afterward, go to the old site of Lunarin and pick Arcane Flowers.

Completion Condition
Defeat Drunken Flower Beetle to get Drunken Flower Beetle Gland. 0/5
Find Arcane Flower 0/1
Report to: Young Man Halton
Quest Reward
24185 EXP98 Silver3 Tokens

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


"Crescent Hill is brimming with earth's energy, the instrument keeps that energy in balance. If it's stolen, the energy will become volatile and affect the creatures of the forest."
"The energy could even form something new. There's no telling what could happen if the energy becomes too negative. The demonic flowers in the Southern Crescent Flower Field are created with such an energy."


The situation is beginning to worry you. You ask if there's something you can do.


"That's why I need your help, we need to get rid of the demonic flowers right away. Please head to the flower field south of here and gather the glands from Drunken Flower Beetles."
"We'll also need some Arcane Flowers. The Arcane Flower's pollen enhances the gland's scent, but they only grow near the former site of Lunarin."

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"The Glands from the Flower Beetles in Crescent Flower Field release a very unique odor. It'll be the sweet smell of success!"

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


You give the Glands and Arcane Flowers to Halton.


An ostrich comes forward, cocking its head, entranced by the sweet smell wafting from the glands and blooms. You quickly snatch the items out of the ostrich's reach.


"They don't smell too strongly now, but when I infuse the glands with the pollen and apply heat, the smell will intensify."
"Now we can proceed to the next step." Halton cracks his knuckles eagerly.
"After the Glands of the Flower Beetles have been properly processed, we can use their distinct odor to draw out the most incredibly powerful King of the Flowertraps."
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