Lv25. Robo Rumble

Potter realizes that the Ceremonial Stones from some of the Ceremonial Vessels are missing. To prevent the Robots from exhausting the Stones' energy, he needs you to retrieve them.

Extract the Ceremonial Stone Cores from the Steamer Robots.

Completion Condition
Defeat Steambot to get Ceremonial Stone Core. 0/5
Report to: Foreman Potter
Quest Reward
30221 EXP109 Silver
55 Medium HP Potions

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


"Hold on juuust a flower-pickin' minute - something's missing here!" Potter fishes around, but can't find the Ceremonial Stones.


"Well, while I was looking for the Ceremonial Vessels, I came upon a few robots. They seemed more powerful than I'd expect, given the Gnomes' mechanical abilities. I think perhaps the Ceremonial Stones are being used to strengthen those automatons."


"Halton, you go on back to the village with those Ceremonial Vessels. I'm seein' that a few pages of the Ceremonial Tome describing the worship ritual have been torn out, and we ain't leaving without that fistful of pages, or the stones."


"Understood. I'll leave these items here with you and <Envoy>."
"<Envoy>, you can likely find the Ceremonial Stones within the Steamer Robots themselves. We have to get them back!" Halton smashes his fist into an open palm to punctuate his thought.


"I was worried when the Gnomes still had the Ceremonial Vessels. If we attacked the Mistwalkers head on, we could've damaged the Vessels. But now..."
"<Envoy>, we need you to head into the camp and turn those Steamer Robots into scrap. Pry the Ceremonial Stones outta their wreckage, and bring 'em back!"

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"If'n my guess is right, they've put our Ceremonial Stones inside their robots, so the path is clear: scrap those bots, and take back the stones."

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


You gingerly hand the Ceremonial Stones to Potter.


Potter carefully examines the stones. "Doesn't look like they lost much'a their energy. Just a li'l mystical rechargin' and they should be good as new."
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