Lv28. Stolen Necklace

As Thorne pored over the details of the Declaration of Eminent Domain, he asked you to find the jewelry that was stolen from the bank. The suspect, he reasoned, would still be lurking in the area, seeking to offload his ill-gotten gain.

Find Fleet Footed Andy near the bank and knock him down to snatch the Ruby Necklace back from him.

Completion Condition
Defeat Fleet Footed Adie to get Ruby Necklace. 0/1
Report to: Banker Thorne
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Not too long ago, a very important client deposited some valuable jewelry with us for safekeeping. But while the jewelry was being transported to the vault, one of the set's crowning pieces - a necklace - was stolen."


You see why Thorne was fretting over the theft, and ask if he has any leads.


"Right then, I saw a small figure clutching the necklace, making a getaway. He was small, but really quick on his feet. I've already asked the city's gatekeepers to keep their eyes out for the necklace or anyone meeting the description of the culprit, but so far, nothing."
"A few days go by, and then, just now, I thought I saw him. A guy who looks just like the thief, wandering around the square. Either he's here to unload the necklace to a buyer, or he's canvassing the area for new victims."
"While I work on processing the Declaration of Eminent Domain, I'd like you to look into this thief and, if you can, recover the necklace."

In ProgressEdit


"If it's an urgent request from the Church, I have to get on it right away. When it's an agreement that provides armor and weapons to troops, that means the lives of allies may hang in the balance."
"But... This is the first time I've ever had a client's valuables stolen. That thief was just too fast... Have you really not found any leads yet, <Envoy>?"

Completing the QuestEdit


You tell Thorne that the thief was none other than Fleet-Footed Andy, and hand the stolen Ruby Necklace to him.


"This... It's really the stolen necklace! How did you- wait, I'm not sure I'd believe you if you told me." Thorne's eyes, previously glued to a pile of documents, seem to sparkle with joy.
"The owner of that necklace is a bigwig with the Sanknie Alliance on the Watt mainland. If we fumbled our dealings with them, we'd lose so many business opportunities it'd make my head spin."
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