Lv29. Rampaging Stone Golems

To prevent innocent passersby from getting hurt, Anya asks you to get rid of the rebellious Guards, then report to the Village Chief.

Get rid of the Alabastren Temple Guards and Seal Stone Guards in the east of Navea.

Completion Condition
Defeat White Stone Golem. 0/5
Defeat Sealing Stone Golem. 0/5
Report to: Lunarin Chief Omar
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"<Envoy>, get rid of those guards. They've begun to rebel, and they are no longer of use to the Church. I'll notify the Church about this."


You voice your fear that the Gnomes might invade the Ruins.


"I'm not too worried about that. If you just have the Crescent Gem, but not the spell that breaks the seal, you can't remove the temple's seal. You need both components."
"First, get rid of the Alabastren Temple Guards, then report the situation to the Lunarin Village Chief. Also, ensure that the villagers stay away from the Alabastren Temple Ruins."

In ProgressEdit


"I heard there was a commotion in the east of the city. I wonder what happened to the Guards at the Alabastren Temple Ruins. If they get out of control, we've no choice but to destroy them."

Completing the QuestEdit


You tell the Village Chief about the runaway Guards.


"What? How could this happen? The Crescent Gem has been stolen, too." Omar wrings his hands in worry. You notice Rosie standing alongside him.


"This is bad news, <Envoy>. You might not know this, but the text written on the torn out pages of the Stolen Ceremonial Tome contained a spell capable of opening the temple."
"I've recreated the wax seal. It is the totem of the Ventos Prairie Makar Tribe."
"That means that the Makar might have commanded the Gnomes to steal the Ceremonial Tome, the Ceremonial Vessel, and even the Crescent Gem. They desperately want to get into the Alabastren Temple."
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