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Lv30. Mysterious Provocateurs

After finally discovering traces of the Makar, Paolo requests that you defeat them.

Defeat the Mysterious Provocateurs at the Alabastren Temple Ruins.

Completion Condition
Defeat Mysterious Provocateur. 0/10
Report to: Assistant Craftsman Paolo
Quest Reward
40176 EXP126 Silver3 Tokens


Accepting the Quest[]


"I actually just got back myself. This investigation yielded some excellent results." Paolo grins proudly.
"I discovered a group of Makar deep within the Ruins. They're awfully conceited; they wouldn't deign to interact with the Gnomes normally. I eavesdropped on their conversation..."
"I heard the Makar lying to the Gnomes. They told them that ancient mechanical technology lies inside the Alabastren Temple!"
"We're getting closer to the truth. <Envoy>, you must take out the Mysterious Provocateurs. Without anyone to lead them, the Gnomes will disperse quickly."

In Progress[]


"You must quickly defeat the group of Mysterious Provocateurs. They'll only make trouble for the Alabastren Temple Ruins."

Completing the Quest[]


"Did you find the Makar I was talking about?"


You report your epic defeat of the Mysterious Provocateurs to Paolo.


"Those foolish Gnomes. They focus all their energy on one thing. Didn't anyone ever tell them not to put all of their eggs in one basket?"
"They don't understand machines, yet they attempt to build them anyway, blindly ambling toward impossible goals. Those morons will never have the skill that we Dwarves naturally possess."
"I believe the Makar movements were carefully organized. They're surely planning something. Oddly enough, though, none of the ones at the Ruins appear to be leaders."