Lv30. Paolo's Plan

Anthony asks you to deal with the Gnomes to clear the way for his assistant, Paolo, to investigate.

Defeat the Mistwalker Invaders outside the Alabastren Temple Ruins.

Completion Condition
Defeat Mistwalker Invader. 0/10
Report to: Assistant Craftsman Paolo
Quest Reward
Select Item:
Armorreinforcementscroll Weaponreinforcementscroll


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Paolo sent word that many of the Mistwalker Invaders at the Ruins are formidable foes."
"These Gnomes are clever, skilled, and adept at battle. If you don't get rid of them first, it will be very difficult to take any other actions."
"You ought to concentrate on dealing with the Invaders first. When you finish with that, meet up with Paolo, my assistant."

In ProgressEdit


"Now's not the time for introductions. I need you to take care of those Mistwalker Invaders first. I'd do it but, well... you're a fighter, I'm a thinker."

Completing the QuestEdit


You squint to see a squat, shadowy figure coming toward you. You quickly realize it is Anthony's assistant, Paolo.


"I am Paolo, a student of Anthony. I left my hometown to study in Lunarin. As you can see, I'm a dwarf. Bet you've never seen a dwarf before, eh?"


You start to answer, but Paolo cuts you off.


"Though we Dwarves are short, we are excellent at building machines, and we're quite swift. This investigation is easy for someone like me."
"However, if we encounter any resistance, we're in trouble. One bash in the head, and we're toast. That's why we've asked you to take care of the fighting. I saw you handle the Mistwalker Invaders like a champ. I think we'll make a good team. You've got the brawn, and I've got the brains. And looks."
"We've gotta get moving, though. There's something strange in the air at the Alabastren Temple, I fear."
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