Lv30. Recycling is the Best Revenge

The decision had been made to destroy the Soldiers. While you are at it, Paolo asks you to collect some of their parts.

Gather some Mechanical Parts from the Mainframe Soldiers at the Alabastren Temple Ruins.

Completion Condition
Defeat Mainframe Soldier to get Mechanical Parts. 0/5
Report to: Assistant Craftsman Paolo
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Since we want to destroy those Robots anyway, we may as well harvest some of their parts. The more spare parts we have, the better."
"<Envoy>, sorry to trouble you, but while you're slicing and dicing Mainframe Soldiers, can you grab some Mechanical Parts for me? It would be such a waste to just leave 'em behind."


You know very little about those hunks of metal, so you ask Paolo if he'd like to follow behind you and collect spare parts while you battle Mainframe Soldiers.


"You really get me, <Envoy>. Normally, I'd be more than willing to pick up the parts myself, but right now, I've something very important to attend to."
"While you unleash the beast on those scrap heaps, I need to investigate the depths of the Alabastren Temple. Maybe I can dig up some clues." Paolo cracks his knuckles.

In ProgressEdit


"Quick, destroy the Mainframe Soldiers. And don't forget to bring back some of their parts."

Completing the QuestEdit


Even from afar, you can tell that his gaze is trained on what you have in your hand.


You hand the Parts to Paolo.


"With new research comes the need for new parts. Next time I develop something, I won't have to spend so much money buying gadgets."
"Of course, I didn't ask you to destroy those Soldiers just so I could save some coin. This is all about stopping the Gnomes," Paolo explains quickly when he sees your annoyed reaction.


<Eidolon> seems very interested after seeing Paolo's panic.


"Hey, hey, don't look at me like that. Everybody likes to save money, right?"
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