Lv30 A Special Invitation

Give the Magic Candy you got from Romeo to a special someone and send a Guardian Invite. Wait for the other person to accept the invitation.

Completion Condition
Already guarding the target, or the target is already guarding someone else. 0/1
Report to: <Guardian Knight Coordinator> Romeo
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Hey, lovebird. Show your friends how romantic you are by showering them in gifts! When the Bonding Value reaches 60 or higher, you can send an Invite to express your feelings. You can give them the Magic Candy I gave you, or you can ask O'Leary for help. She knows some other ways to obtain gifts."
"The two of you can agree to meet at a certain place. Click the portrait to open the menu and then select Guardian Invite. Once the target accepts the invitation, you will have someone to protect. Don't be afraid of failure. You'll find a compatible Knight someday."
"Now go and find your own Guardian Knight. <Envoy>, it's up to you to find yourself a good Guardian Knight. I hope you'll be as lucky as me and find someone as compatible as my love, Juliet." Romeo eyes glaze over. He's lost in his own world.
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