Lv33. Crocodile Hunter

Alain explains that the finals will begin soon, but the Arena Security Officer fears that the Crocodiles pose a threat because they have begin their feeding period. Both he and Alain worry that the fearsome Crocodiles may prevent the audience from entering the Arena. Thus, Alain asks you to help get rid of the Crocodiles.

Go to the east of the Competition Arena and eliminate the Leathery Crocodiles and Fanged Crocodiles.

Completion Condition
Defeat Leathery Crocodile. 0/6
Defeat Fanged Crocodile. 0/6
Report to: Brevis Chief Alain
Quest Reward
48680 EXP164 Silver6 Tokens

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


"<Envoy>, you're just in time. I need your help."
"The Security Officer just notified me that the Crocodiles have begun their foraging season earlier than expected. It might throw off the final match."
"Our dwarven weapons are no match for the Crocodile's thick skin. We couldn't hurt them even if we wanted to..."
"The Crocodiles aren't usually foraging right now, we would normally just postpone the match for something like this. But this final match has drawn so much attention, I don't want to postpone it if we don't have to."
"I hope you can drive the Crocodile hordes away from the eastern side of the Competition Arena. There will be a reward if you do, of course. What'd ya say?"

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"The Fanged Crocodiles can resist our electronic weapons. Unless we find a way to modify our equipment, we're doomed to battle those beasts until the day we die."
"We need to change the focus of our technology and start working on improving our artillery. It's the only way to neutralize the threat of the Crocodiles."

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


"You took care of them? I love your efficiency!" Alain grins.
"Here is your payment. I added a bit extra. You deserve it."
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