Lv34. Leaf it to Me

You need to disguise yourself as a Woodbeast to fool Vhell and sneak into the Ruins to fix the Teleporter.

Disguise yourself as a Woodbeast, follow the mountain path, and restart the Teleporter.

Completion Condition
Enter Cactakara Forest's East City Ruins Teleporter (X: 602, Y: 147)
Report to: Collector Akers
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I never thought...this Treeman Camouflage... would be so impossibly heavy! It's... it's not something... any normal person could wear..." Akers is still trying to pick up the disguise, to no avail.
"Eh, nevermind. We just need to somehow sneak around Vhell, find that blasted teleporter and restart it."
"I was going to fix the teleporter, but as you can see, I can't even lift this disguise to put it on." Dejected, Akers lets go of the Treeman Camouflage.
"<Envoy>, that means you'll have to disguise yourself and restart the teleporter. Don't worry, it's easy. Just press the button on the teleporter and it'll fire up."
"You're gonna need time to put on that stupid disguise. Let me know when you're good to go."

In ProgressEdit


"Did everything go as planned? Teleporters are usually set up in open areas. Hopefully, they won't be difficult to find."

Completing the QuestEdit


You tell Akers about what happened with the teleporter in the East City Ruins, confirming that it has restarted.


"Of course it was broken... Fenrich's machines are always so unreliable. I will never use anything of his again."
"I had hoped you had also found Ivan. Any clues to where he is?"
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