Lv36. Aromatic Medicinal Herbs

Mysterious creatures viciously attacked Collectors near the Arena. Augustus asks you to collect some Medicinal Herbs to make a Medicinal Herbal Ointment to treat the workers' wounds and lacerations.

Go to Shatterwall Hill, search for Herb Beetles, and collect the Medicinal Herbs from their bodies.

Completion Condition
Defeat Herb Beetle to get Medicinal Herbs. 0/6
Report to: Craftsman Augustus
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Have you talked to Lane before? He's the Hall Security Officer for the Arena, and he's in charge of all security. He's a bit hard-nosed, but he's a good guy."
"A few workers were injured in the forest, nothing serious, so why would Lane postpone the entire competition? Don't you think he's overreacting?"
"I don't want things to get worse, of course, so I've decided to help the injured workers. I'm hoping that Lane will realize the finals can still go on."
Augustus turns to you. "I've got an idea. Help me collect some Herb Beetles from the Shatterwall Hill; they can be used for a healing salve for the workers."
"I'll be here, working on the herb grinder. Sure, you have the grunt work, but building and inventing is no easy task, either!"

In ProgressEdit


"For some strange reason, he wants to delay the champion's glory, it seems. Why, I'm insulted!"

Completing the QuestEdit


"<Envoy>, you're back at last! The herb grinder is all set. Now we just need whatever Medicinal Herbs you've got."


You hand the Medicinal Herbs to Augustus.


"Ah, just what we need. Take my Herb Grinder and use it to make some quality medicine."
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