Lv36. Delay of Game

Augustus meticulously mixes the Medicinal Herbal Ointment and hands it to you. He asks that you apply it carefully to the Collectors' injuries. He also requests that you talk to Lane to find out exactly what happened to the Collectors.

Take the Medicinal Herbal Ointment and treat the Collectors' wounds. Report their condition to Lane afterward.

Completion Condition
You applied ointment to the three injured collectors. 0/3
Report to: Hall Security Officer Lane
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Lane's a stubborn fellow, but he's no fool. Something must have happened to make him postpone the competition..." muses Augustus, tapping his chin.
"I'd ask him for more information, but he'll just tell me to wait, like he always does." Augustus grumbles.
"I've concocted the Medicinal Herbal Ointment. I'll let you be the hero. Apply the ointment to the injured Collectors. It'll ease their pain pretty fast."
"After you apply the ointment, can you ask Lane to elaborate on the situation? I want to know what on earth could throw off such a sacred competition."

In ProgressEdit


"And you are...? If there's nothing you need, please go back to Brevis. It's not safe for you here."

Completing the QuestEdit


Lane pins you with a suspicious stare, as though he doesn't already know what you're here for.


You greet Lane and hand him the rest of the Medicinal Herbal Ointment.


"Ah, so you're the one the workers are raving about, <Envoy>. But why did you help them to begin with? Are you from the medical supply team?"


You tell Lane that it was Augustus's idea. He was fearful that the competition would be postponed.


"Ha! That's just like Augustus. His only concern is the competition. Unfortunately, his worst fear is about to be realized. I'm planning to postpone the finals until we can rid the Arena of those aggravating creatures."
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