Lv37. Arena Patrol

It is time for the final preparations. Lane trusts you to conduct the final patrol of the Arena. If everything is in order and safe, the final competition can begin.

Conduct the final patrol of the Competition Arena for Lane.

Completion Condition
Enter Cactakara Forest's East Arena Passage (X: 407, Y: 462)
Enter Cactakara Forest's Southern Main Bridge (X: 220, Y: 371)
Report to: Hall Security Officer Lane
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Looks like we're really getting things done! We might finally get some peace and quiet around here." A tranquil smile spreads across Lane's face.
"I need to entrust you with another important task: you must patrol the Arena," Lane explains.
"It should be quite simple for you. I usually patrol the arena, but this time, you're going to take over."
"If the patrol is unsuccessful, we cannot hold a match. A Security Officer considers this task an honor, though it certainly comes with a heavy dose of responsibility."
"I'm giving you this important job in part to apologize for how rude I was to you and Augustus. You've proven yourself very trustworthy indeed."
"I'll speak to Augustus later. Hopefully, the match can be held as scheduled."

In ProgressEdit


"<Envoy>, this task is no joke. We can only hold the match if the patrol goes as planned. Oh, and I suppose the lives of our audience members hang in the balance, as well."
"The area you must patrol consists of mainly the Entrances and Exits to both sides of the arena, plus the audience stadium on the southern mountain."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Ah, looks like you've finished your rounds."


You report the results of the patrol to Lane.


"So there are no problems? In that case, the Security Officer will declare the Arena safe, and the competition can officially begin!" Lane exclaims.
"I shall notify the arena committees and let them know that the Arena is ready. The finals can begin!"
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