Lv39. A Sickly Swarm

Fenrich observes a problem with the water quality within the forest; drinking it changes the temperament of the Butterfly Fairies. To prevent further contamination, he asks you to get rid of all the infected Butterfly Fairies.

Eliminate all the Rainbow Butterfly Fairies and Wild Butterfly Fairies found around the north bank of Rarnor Falls.

Completion Condition
Defeat Rainbow Butterfly Fairy. 0/6
Defeat Wild Butterfly Fairy. 0/6
Report to: Observer Fenrich
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"If you hadn't collected these Butterfly Fairy Eggs, the whole species might have gone extinct." Fenrich looks at the eggs in awe.
"Not long ago, I discovered that the Butterfly Fairies acted oddly. They became more and more aggressive, Some even began attacking one another, which is highly unusual in their society."
"I examined the area's ecology and found an unknown, abnormal element in the pool around the waterfall. I fear this element is causing the Fairies to act so strangely."


You are about to interrupt Fenrich to ask about the Secret Land, but <Eidolon> stops you.


"This guy is kinda sensitive, and remember, he doesn't like interruptions!" <Eidolon> whispers to you.


You nod, though you are surprised <Eidolon> would share such an insight. Not long ago, it was totally socially inept, and you had to keep reminding it about manners.


"Unfortunately, the contaminated offspring of the Butterfly Fairies all carry this element within their blood. We've no choice but to destroy them all, or they will infect the other Fairies."
"Will you help me restore balance to this environment?"

In ProgressEdit


"Unbelievable, an entire race, practically overnight, almost disappears completely from this forest. What a nightmare..."

Completing the QuestEdit


"The beauty of the Butterfly Fairy is entrancing. Without your efforts, the stunning creatures might have disappeared entirely from Cactakara Forest."


You tell Fenrich that you're happy to help preserve nature. However, you really came to get information from him about the Secret Land mentioned in the Ancient Scroll.


"Secret Land? Never heard of it before. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, of course. Can you help me take care of these pressing ecological issues first? In return, I'll help you look for the passageway."
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