Lv40. Ostrich Ride

You received a new ostrich saddle. Analisa wants you to try it out, so she told her apprentice Byron to accompany you on a grand ride around Navea.

Ride your ostrich alongside Byron, visiting Navea's finest vistas.

Completion Condition
Enter Navea's Stall Area (X: 715, Y: 446)
Enter Navea's Trade District (X: 597, Y: 367)
Enter Navea's Sky Tower (X: 372, Y: 477)
Enter Navea's Castle Church (X: 538, Y: 676)
Enter Navea's Central Round Square (X: 603, Y: 486)
Enter Navea's The Military Hall (X: 840, Y: 621)
Report to: Knight Blacksmith Analisa
Quest Reward
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