Lv40. Repair the Purifier

Fenrich loses the signal from one of the Purifiers and asks you to follow the river and find the malfunctioning Purifier.

Search for the Water Purifier near the Waterfall.

Completion Condition
Enter Cactakara Forest's Waterfall Cave (X: 631, Y: 478)
Report to: Observer Fenrich
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I'm getting signals, but, um, there are only two. The Purifier closest to the Waterfall seems to have fallen off the face of the earth." Fenrich's brow furrows.
"Maybe it's malfunctioning. I never said this would be an easy task. Looks like I can only activate the other two Purifiers. As for the broken one..." Fenrich turns to you with a hopeful smile...
"I'm sure you wouldn't mind reactivating the purifier for me, would you? From what I can tell, the malfunctioning one is the Third Water Purifier downstream of the Waterfall."

In ProgressEdit


"I don't know how long those other two Purifiers will hold up. We're going to need to use them to their fullest extent if we hope to clean up this water."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Ah, back already! Was the device broken?"


You explain to Fenrich that you couldn't find the Third Water Purifier, but you'd discovered a passageway in back of the Waterfall.


"So there's a cave behind the Waterfall? Amazing! <Envoy>, does it lead to the Secret Land you seek?"
"I bet the Third Water Purifier slipped through the passageway."
"I've managed to get a few readings from the runaway Purifier, and I think the energy might be emanating from the Secret Land. The First and Second Water Purifiers aren't picking up much contamination."
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