Lv40. You Might Feel a Pinch

Fenrich learns that the polluted water might have something to do with the Sarpa. He asks you to stun some of the Sarpa, extract their Scales and Blood, and bring them to him for testing.

Obtain Scales from the Sarpa near Rarnor Falls. Additionally, use the Blood Extractor to obtain Blood Samples from them.

Completion Condition
Defeat Wild Sarpa to get Sarpa Scale. 0/3
Collect Sarpa Blood Sample. 0/3
Report to: Observer Fenrich
Quest Reward
Select Item:


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I conducted a complete survey on the ecological environment in the areas surrounding the Waterfall, but there's one thing I'm stumped on. Now that you mention a Secret Passageway, though, things are starting to come together."
"I have never seen a Sarpa before. However, not long ago, a group of Sarpa suddenly gathered together near the Waterfall. I've no clue where they came from."
"I attempted to communicate with them, but no matter what I said, they never responded." Fenrich's shoulders sag. "They came after me and beat me bloody."
"If I remember correctly, though, the moment the Sarpa appeared coincides with the time the Butterfly Fairy began to mutate. Assuming that these Sarpa are the carriers of the mutational element... then..."
"<Envoy>, we need to do something before it's too late. Help me get some scales and blood from some Sarpa. We need to test the theory. If this really all comes back to the Sarpa, we're in big trouble."

In ProgressEdit


"This won't be an easy task. Get blood samples from the Sarpa, and bring them back to me. Only then can we determine if they're the carriers of the unknown element or if the contamination comes from somewhere else entirely."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Quick, give me the Samples!" Fenrich prepares the instruments quickly.


You hand over the sample to Fenrich, careful not to spill a ruby drop.
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