Lv40 The Next Superstar

The Next Superstar competition interests you.

Go to Navea City Hall and speak with Regal Host Oates for more details.

Completion Condition
Quest Reward

Shortcut DescriptionEdit

Go to Navea and speak with Regal Host Oates for more details.


Accepting the QuestEdit


There's a flyer falling from the sky. You pick it up and find that it's a promotion, covered in beautiful drawings. It announces an upcoming vote. The content is as follows...


"Have trouble finding someone to admire your charming feature? Can't find anywhere to demonstrate your eloquent speech? The Next Superstar competition s your chance! You could be The Next Superstar!"


It looks interesting. You decide to head to Navea to find the location listed on the flyer! You think...

Completing the QuestEdit


"Hah? Are you...? Oh! You want to participate in The Next Superstar competition, right?"


You tell Oates that you want to know the details of the event.


"No problem! Let me register you. So... name? gender? height? OK. Please check the information."


You take a look at the form, and a question mark in the appearence column draws your attention. You ask Oates what this means.


"Cough... that... that's nothing... Let me explain how you can participate in the competition!" Oates' eyes wander as he tries to change the subject, making you feel that he is hiding something.
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