Lv41. Alternative Food Source

Victoria suggests that you hunt the lions outside of town for their meat. She also asks you to collect spices so that the flesh can be pickled and stored.

Kill Cliff Lions and Bloodthirsty Lions to the west of Tomitsa. Afterward, collect spices growing near the Town Entrance.

Completion Condition
Collect Lion Meat. 0/7
Find Village Spices 0/5
Report to: Investigation Team Leader Victoria
Quest Reward
Select Item:


Accepting the QuestEdit


"The creatures in the Mine have become so aggressive that they've essentially blocked all roads to the outside world. The Church sends us supplies, but they trickle in slowly. If things go on like this, we'll run out of food soon."


You ask Victoria if she has a plan in place.


"Yes, but I will need your help. Although the lions outside of Tomitsa are vicious beasts, their meat is quite rich in nutrients. They're actually an excellent source of food - if they don't eat us first, that is."
"Can you hunt some Cliff Lions and Bloodthirsty Lions and bring back their meat? We also need some spices grown at the Village Entrance; we can use them to pickle the meat and make it a little less, well, lion-y tasting."

In ProgressEdit


"These lions can be a handful. Use extreme caution. Oh, and don't forget to go to the Town Entrance to collect some spices."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Thank you so much. At least we don't have to worry about going hungry for now. Time to find someone to pickle up this meat!"
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