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Lv41. Stem the Epidemic

Victoria asks you to drive off the Scavenger Birds who have come to town to prey on the corpses of the Angler Bugs, then disinfect the area with the potion.

Go to the west of Tomitsa, drive off the Scavenger Birds, and disinfect the nearby area with the potion.

Completion Condition
Defeat Scavenger Bird. 0/14
Spray disinfectant to the east. 0/1
Spray disinfectant to the west. 0/1
Report to: Investigation Team Leader Victoria
Quest Reward
82883 EXP230 Silver
5 Refined HP Potions


Accepting the Quest[]


"Now that we know a little more about the mine, we can start taking action," Victoria muses.
"Unfortunately, we have a new issue. While you fended off the Angler Bugs, the smell of their rotting, buggy corpses drew Scavenger Birds to this area."
"These Scavenger Birds only consume carrion, but they also carry terrible diseases. If they gather here, we could have an epidemic on our hands in no time flat."
"We've basically exhausted our resources, and our supply routes are all but cut off. If an epidemic breaks out now, many will die needlessly."
"Please go to the area where the Scavenger Birds gather, and drive them far away. Sprinkle this bottle of potion near them to disinfect anything those dirty birds might have contaminated."

In Progress[]


"Quick, disinfect the area where the Scavenger Birds have gathered. If we're struck by an epidemic, we simply won't have the resources to treat the ill."

Completing the Quest[]


"Thank goodness for you, <Envoy>. We're low on manpower and supplies. If an epidemic breaks out, it'd be an utter disaster."