Lv43. A Hard Core Quest

To return the creatures in the Mine to their normal state, you must destroy the Balls of Light in the Demarech Pool. However, before you do that, you have to defeat the creatures that lurk near the edges of the pool.

Defeat the Boulder Sentry, and give the Shock Core to Luther.

Completion Condition
Defeat Boulder Sentry to get Shock Core. 0/7
Report to: Merchant Luther
Quest Reward
Select Item:
Dualblade65 Swordshield6 Axe6 Staff65 Pistol55 Cannon55
Grimoire55 Harp65 Katar65 Bow65 Tachi65 Scythe65
Holysword65 Shuriken65


Accepting the QuestEdit


"My father said all this madness was caused by the Shadow Knight inserting a powerful force into the Demarech Pool. The Ball of Light is made of energy."


"The power comes from the Cube of Gaia. If the Demarech Pool is truly the center of all this, it can easily disseminate the power to the entire Mine."


"If we destroy the Ball of Light, the creatures at the Mine will no longer be under its spell. However, we still have to get rid of the monsters wandering around here."


You nod and hope Bobby can give you more details.


"Let's start with the Boulder Sentries. We have to use them to eliminate the Miracle Rock Monsters before we can destroy the Ball of Light. I'm getting ahead of myself. First, we must obtain the fragments of the core from the Boulder Sentry."
"After we gather all the fragments, we can move to the next step." Bobby gently touches his wound and winces in pain.


"Hand me the Fragments that you've brought back. You're injured. Don't make things worse." Luther shakes his head sadly and sighs.

In ProgressEdit


"Have you already obtained the Shock Core? If not, we have no way of defeating the Miracle Rock Monsters."

Completing the QuestEdit


"We now have enough Shock Core Fragments. I'll follow Bobby's instructions and assemble them into a complete Shock Core."
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