Lv43. Kill the Lights

After you slay the monsters near the Demarech Pool, Luther asks you to destroy the Balls of Light floating near the area. Doing so will get rid of the monsters for good.

Destroy the Balls of Light in the Demarech Pool.

Completion Condition
Defeat Ball of Light. 0/5
Report to: Merchant Luther
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"It's time for the final step. According to Bobby, as long as we destroy the floating Balls of Light, the energy pulsing in the air at Demarech Pool will dissipate naturally."
"If that happens, the creatures in the mine will gradually return to normal... I hope."

In ProgressEdit


"Quick, destroy all the Light Orbs around the Demarech Mines. It's the only way to set things right again."

Completing the QuestEdit


After you destroy all the Light Orbs in the Demarech Pool, you tell Luther the good news.


"Things will go back to normal soon, then, right?" Luther sighs with relief, but his hands shake a bit.
"Rebecca just told me that more hideous Bugs are streaming in from the north. They're closing in on the Demarech Pool. Something must have happened in the north, I fear."


"That's... bad news..." Bobby manages to say, gasping through his pain.
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