Lv43. Magic Shock

The only way to stop the Miracle Rock Monsters from resurrecting is by finishing them off with a powerful shock!

Use the Shock Core on the Miracle Rock Monsters.

Completion Condition
Use Shock Core on a Miracle Rock Monster 0/7
Report to: Merchant Luther
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Use the Shock Core I've assembled to deal with the Miracle Rock Monsters. The Rock Monsters are just like the Slimelings; they only appeared because of the magic permeating Demarech Pool."
"After you defeat the Miracle Rock Monsters, use the Shock Core to destroy them, or they'll resurrect themselves until the end of time."

In ProgressEdit


"Remember to use the Shock Core to destroy the defeated Shrine Guardians, or they'll come back to haunt you."

Completing the QuestEdit


"The Miracle Rock Monster population is finally shrinking. It appears our method is working. Now we just need to destroy the floating Balls of Light."
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