Lv44. Rebuff the Rock Beetles

Bobby asks you to go to the Camp near the mines to check on the situation with the reinforcement. While you're at it, he wants you to get rid of all the Rock Beetles near the mines.

Exterminate all the Rock Beetles around the camp near the mines.

Completion Condition
Defeat Rock Beetle. 0/14
Report to: Church Investigator Nate
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I've seen those bugs in the north of the mining area before. Father and the others are imprisoned there, though I know you said the Investigation Team sent people to rescue them..."


"What did I tell you?! Stop moving around; you'll pop all your stitches."


"It's all right. I'm feeling much better now. I'm still worried about my father, though. The bugs... it's just not a good sign."
"<Envoy>, could you go to the mining area in the north to check on my father and the others?"
"I'm worried those bugs will keep them from escaping. Please get rid of the insects crawling along the road."

In ProgressEdit


"Teeming heaps of gleaming beetles appeared in the south, and they're blocking our reinforcements. If this keeps up, I'm not sure how long we'll last."

Completing the QuestEdit


"You're just in time! We desperately need support. We'll also have to think of a way to get past the monsters on our way back so we can report our findings to Victoria."


You see Nate, the investigator, looking rather pallid. He bites his lip, trying hard to fight his emotions.


"The situation here is getting worse by the minute. If no one helps us, we'll never make it."
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