Lv44. Searching for Answers

In an attempt to quickly learn all the information, Nate asked you to capture the Demarech Mines Foreman working under the Shadow Knight.
Capture the Demarech Mines Foreman for questioning.

Completion Condition
Capture the Demarech Mines Foreman. 0/1
Report to: Church Investigator Nate
Quest Reward
Costume-infernowizardrobesmale Costume-sailorsuitmale Costume-noblefighterarmormale Costume-infernowizardrobesfemale Costume-sailorsuitfemale Costume-noblefighterarmorfemale


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I believe that in this case, the best solution is the simplest solution. To save time, we should try to get the information directly from one of the Shadow Knight's miners."
"The Foreman in charge of the whole operation would certainly know something, don't you think, <Envoy>? I think we should 'invite' him over for a chat." Nate smiles mysteriously.
"Capture the Demarech Mines Foreman, tie him up, but don't kill him. We need to get all the information out of him that we can."

In ProgressEdit


"Quickly now, <Envoy>, capture the Foreman for us. We need to understand the Shadow Knight's plans as soon as possible."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Please, please don't hurt me! I'm just a supervisor! I'm simply paid to ensure the ores were delivered to the Marauder Camp in the east! I don't know anything else, I swear it!"


"A camp in the east, eh? Is that really all? Answer quickly and truthfully, your life depends on it, wretched cur."


"That man, the one who hired me...he has an incredible power. He holds a strange cube, and when it glows...the stones come to life around him!"
"Those lifeless stones become completely under his control. If anyone were to resist, they could be pummeled in an instant by the lot of them. Who would dare defy his might?"


Nate turns to look at you. "<Envoy>, what do you think?"


From what you've seen of the Foreman's reaction, you tell Nate that you believe he is telling the truth as he knows it. However, you're still not sure about the significance of the moving stones. Using golems to threaten people isn't new.


"Sigh...You're right, he's clearly simply paid to follow orders and make deliveries. I'm afraid all the secrets must be hidden within this eastern camp."
"What the Foreman says, however vague, worries me deeply. If what he says is true, the Shadow Knight has already learned how to This cannot be!"
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